Every e-bike purchased helps a family in need

Steps to customize your E-BIKE

« Discover Your Collection »

Choose from our four captivating collections, each with its own distinct style and personality. Find the perfect bike that resonates with your taste and preferences, setting the stage for your personalized creation.

« Unleash Your Imagination »

Tell us your story through a quick overview and a short summary. Share your ideas, whether it’s capturing a cherished memory, honoring a loved one, or embracing a color that fills your heart with joy.

« Inspire Our Artists »

If you have a specific model or idea in mind, feel free to upload a picture. Our talented artistic directors will draw inspiration from your image, incorporating elements that reflect your personality and aspirations.

Together, we’ll create a design that truly speaks to your soul.

“Bring Your Vision to Life”

Once you’re thrilled with the design, it’s time to make your dream a reality.

Complete the payment process of your GUAVA GREEN BIKES, and our team will set the wheels in motion to bring your customized GUAVA GREEN BIKES to fruition.

« Witness Your Masterpiece »

Within 24 to 48 hours, your patience will be rewarded as you receive two final design options. Take your time to review and provide any feedback or desired changes. Once you approve the design, our skilled painters will meticulously craft your unique artwork on your chosen GUAVA GREEN BIKES’s frame.

« Embrace Your Creation »

Now comes the moment you’ve been waiting for. Stand in awe as your customized GUAVA GREEN BIKES is unveiled before your eyes. Every stroke of the brush, every detail, and every color choice will come together to create a mesmerizing masterpiece that is a true reflection of your inner self.

« Ride with Pride »

Pedal through life with confidence, knowing that your GUAVA GREEN BIKES is not just a mode of transportation but an extraordinary symbol of your individuality.

Share your story, inspire others, and let your personalized ride be a beacon of self-expression and creativity.

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"GUAVA GREEN BIKES has revolutionized my daily commute. Not only do I enjoy a smoother ride, but I also feel proud to support a brand with a social conscience."
Saad BEN
"The customization options are fantastic! My bike feels like an extension of my personality, and it's become a conversation starter wherever I go."
"I appreciate a brand that cares about the environment and gives back. GUAVA GREEN BIKES has won my loyalty by combining quality and compassion."
Association member

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