Founder's Message:

I’m Omar Saidi,  a moroccan IT developper and Big Data analyst…But most of all, i am a biker!

I’m in the business since 2017. For now seven years, i’ve been building a structured project step by step. All is about riding.

I’ve started by founding Biker’s Brotherhood in 2017. This company is one of the biggest distributors of accessories for bikes and riders in the Rabat Area.

In 2021, i’ve founded Bikers trip, a company offering unique bike travels to discover the “Deep” Morocco, far from the Highways and mass tourism. The same year i’ve founded Bikers Academy, a driving training institute.

All those companies are based in Morocco.

Guava Green bikes is the ultimate and most ambitious step of this exciting project : building the first Arab Electric bikes Brand.

The Bikers Brotherhood has two hundred thousand subscribers on Youtube and the Guava Green Bikes community is growing day by day on the social networks.

Join us and let’s take a ride!

With gratitude,

Omar SAIDI Founder,




Your Path to a Sustainable and Philanthropic Future!

We are thrilled to introduce an alliance that transcends boundaries, embodying the essence of our brand’s purpose.

Welcome to the heartwarming collaboration between GUAVA HUMANITY and GUAVA GREEN BIKES, a partnership that infuses each electric bike purchase with the potential to change lives in profound ways.


Empowering Education, Empowering Futures:

With every GUAVA GREEN BIKE you embrace, you become a catalyst for education and a beacon of hope. Your decision to adopt sustainable transportation breathes life into underserved communities, unlocking the doors to knowledge and illuminating pathways out of poverty. Together, we forge a future of empowerment and limitless opportunities.


Pedaling Towards a Sustainable Tomorrow:

Opting for a GUAVA GREEN BIKE signifies not just a mode of travel, but a commitment to sustainability that echoes across generations. By choosing these eco-friendly electric bikes, you shape a greener world, reduce carbon footprints, and leave a legacy of environmental stewardship.


Creating Ripples of Transformation: Your purchase ignites a ripple effect of positivity. As you navigate the world on your GUAVA GREEN BIKE, your impact reverberates through communities, empowering educators and granting young minds the chance to dream. Your journey becomes a source of inspiration and a link in the chain of collective change.


Empowerment Through Unity: At GUAVA GREEN BIKES we are believers in the strength of unity. Our collaboration with GUAVA HUMANITY signifies a shared commitment to amplifying our influence. Together, we bridge gaps, erase boundaries, and amplify joy and hope for children who deserve brighter tomorrows. Our synergy radiates empowerment, and each ride you take is a testament to the change we can create.


Join the Movement: By riding a GUAVA GREEN BIKE, you embark on a journey of significance. Cycling brings you joy while nurturing dreams for those in need. We extend an invitation to be part of our movement—a movement where your choice leads to waves of transformation far beyond yourself.


Gratitude for Transformation: To our valued riders, your choice extends beyond a purchase. Your support fuels our mission to make education accessible, sustainable, and transformative. Your commitment resonates as an act of compassion that leaves an indelible mark on the world.


Together, with GUAVA HUMANITY and GUAVA GREEN BIKES, we embrace a journey of heart and purpose.

Let’s ride together towards a future where every child’s potential is realized and where the planet flourishes in harmony. Together, let’s spark a difference—one pedal at a time.
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